Today we have... restarted...

This domain has been used by me as a private space for storing things. I have decided to change this and start usinhg it as a support site for the small projects I have made/makes. Currently I have only put up my last project, an iPhone application for RC Helicopters. Expect more stuff, updated in a "if-I-feel-for-it" pace... :)


Some of my spare time is dedicated to RC Helicopters and I have made a few things regarding this.

Currently I own the following helis:

T-Rex 550E - BeastX, Align Servos, ICE 100A, Scorpion
Protos - BeastX, Align Servos, ICE75A, Protos Engine
Blade mCPX
See the bar to the right for navigating to these areas.

Thank you for stopping by...


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